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George Ashiotis is a self-taught artist who paints mostly abstract pictures to show the way his mind interprets an event or happening in his life. There is always a story behind each painting, which the artist enjoys recounting.


Born in Nicosia in 1936, Ashiotis had a difficult childhood. He lost his father at an early age and consequently became very attached to his mother and aunt. It is at this tender age that his sensitivity and love for art developed, and he was taught painting by Solon Frangoulides before embarking on his studies in London in 1959.


This period of his life was extremely fruitful, for, as he took on part time jobs as a student in London, his experiences began to color his vision of life. He still remembers his fellow students, from varied backgrounds and different countries such as France, India, Nigeria, Cuba, and the contacts he had with them, which were to change his outlook on life.


Among his friends of the era he also counts the renowned Cypriot artist Christoforos Savva who died tragically young, and whose friendship was, for Ashiotis, a source of inspiration. Today, Ashiotis laments the loss of true friendship, respect and love, but continues to paint with great sensitivity.


After his studies in England, Ashiotis worked in the Office of the Auditor General of the Republic, reaching the post of Senior Auditor, until his retirement. He now devotes his time to painting but does not regard his art as commercial.


Art critics in Cyprus have given high praise to his paintings, which "have a warmth, emotion and structure so often lacking in today's younger painters". It has been said that he manages to place in his pictures a figurative image which also responds to the abstract areas on his canvas. The style and content cohere. The use of color can be symbolic as well, but it is mainly the intuitive ability to use paint to express what he wishes added to the ability to allow each picture to take over from his preconceived ideas which gives each painting its own life. (Cyprus Weekly, February 2002).



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